paulI am an IT Security Analyst by day and sustainable energy advocate by night.  This blog is dedicated to my sustainable energy work.  I am president of the Hydrogen Energy Center in Portland, Maine.  Prior to that, I was the project manager for the Chewonki Renewable Hydrogen Project, a demonstration hydrogen energy system that produces the hydrogen from renewable resources and uses it in fuel cells to provide backup power at The Chewonki Foundation. I have a Masters and a Bachelors degree in Physics.

The photo at the top of each page is of Lake Tekapo, in New Zealand.  The flowers pushing through the rocky shore, with retreating glaciers in background, beautifully juxtaposes the frailty and the robustness of our world.  I took this photo in November 2006.

I also have a blog with postings about IT Security (and maybe other topics too), at stichintime.wordpress.com.

Paul Faulstich



  1. Paul! I was wondering if there is a way to contact you. I have been looking for an email address I can contact you at. I have some comments i would like to discuss about your article from 2009 about rainbow tables with you.

    • hi amasan,

      sorry to take so long to respond to your question about contacting me about my rainbow tables blog. you are welcome to contact me at psf@waltzingcat.com


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